Bring yoga to your office!


There is nothing quite like the New York grind. From the morning commute, to the line at your favorite coffee shop, and that 3-hour meeting that could have just been an e-mail. The city is always abuzz with stressors and irritants. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then your office might just need yoga.

Bringing yoga to your office can provide pain and stress relief, a boost in morale, camaraderie, and coping mechanisms, to your employees. Brooklyn and Manhattan only.


Show your employees that you care about their calm.


All corporate offerings are customizable. Some options include:

  • 30-minute Meditation circle

  • 30-minute breathing workshops

  • 60-minute stress-relieving yoga flow, including 5 minutes of breath-work, a 50 minute yoga flow, and a 5 minute meditation, to a curated playlist. 


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